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To purchase a selection of our flour and cornmeal products. For other products and services, please call our office at 540-268-2267.



We manufacture our rabbit pellets using quality ingredients without fillers. We have formulated our rabbit pellets to meet your animal’s nutritional needs. Available in 25 lb and 50 lb bags.


We carry Floating Catfish food (all species feed), deer corn, deer blocks, loose deer minerals, oil and striped sunflower seed, and wild birdseed (25lb and 50 lb bags), millet, and flaxseed.


We are an authorized dealer for IBA dairy products. We have a dedicated sales truck that will visit your farm and provide you with the well-known, quality IBA products.


For animal feeds, we carry Mix N Fine plain salt in 50 lb bags, Trace mineral salt in bricks, 50 lb blocks, and 80 lb bags, and Sulphur salt in 50 lb blocks. For water softening systems, we carry both salt pellets and salt crystals.


We carry 6x powdered sugar, brown sugar,  and granulated sugar.


We are a dealer for Ridley brand animal minerals. We carry a vast array of products including Hi Mag loose minerals.


We carry milk replacers from Merricks, including Centurian All-Milk Milk Replacer.


Sheep minerals, goat minerals and blocks, mineral feeders, electrolyes, feed mixing ingredients, wormers, vaccines, antibiotics, flea & tick treatments, and pine shavings.




Our flour is milled using soft, red winter wheat grown both in this region and in the Ohio valley. We mill our products to achieve true gourmet-quality results. We manufacture Plain or All-Purpose flour (2, 5, 10, and 25-lb bags), Virginia’s Best Self-Rising flour (2, 5, 10, and 25-lb bags). We have a Biscuit Mix (5 and 25 lb bags) which contains our Self-Rising flour and shortening already mixed in. Finally, we have created a Seasoned Flour. The Seasoned flour is created by blending selected seasonings and spices to create a mix that is used to bread meats and vegetables such as venison, steaks, chops, tomatoes. We also carry Buckwheat Flour, both in self-rising and pure.


We manufacture our cornmeal with white corn grown in North Carolina. We grind our corn in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Our meal is available in either Plain or Self-Rising mixes, in 2, 5, and 25 lb bags. We also have our corn meal mix that is a combination of our self-rising cornmeal with our plain flour and sugar; the end result is a cake-like, fantastic product.


We manufacture dairy feeds for commercial dairy operations. Our standard line of dairy feeds are available in both meal and pellets. We can deliver bulk feeds to your farm utilizing our bulk trucks. You can order any feeds in 100 lb  or 50 lb bags with a minimum of 2000 lb lot order. We stock a 16% Dairy meal in 100 lb bags.


We stock Premium Calf Starter and Calf Grower. The Premium is in 100 lb bags and the Calf Grower is in 100 lb and 50 lb bags. Premium Calf Starter is a medicated, textured feed. Calf Grower is a good, all-purpose, unmedicated textured feed. Calf Grower is good for calves over 400 lbs, and is labelled for goats as well as horses.


We stock Starter & Grower Crumbles in 25 lb, 50 lb, and 100 lb bags. We also stock Lay Crumbles and Lay Pellets, both in 25 lb, 50 lb,  and 100 lb bags. We have Hen Scratch (a mix of wheat and cracked corn) in 25 lb, 50 lb,  and 100 lb bags. We have Whole Corn (50 lb and 100 lb bags), Cracked Corn (50 lb and 100 lb bags), and Intermediate Cracked Corn (25 lb and 100 lb bags).


We stock textured 9% Sweet Feed (100 lb and 50 lb bags), 14.5% Calf Grower (an excellent, all-around textured feed labeled for horses,  50 lb and 100 lb bags), 12% Rope & Ride Pellets (50 lb bag), and a 15% Horse Pellet (100 lb bag). We also stock Whole Oats (100 lb bag). We carry beet pulp shredds, wheat bran (80  lb bag), and biotin (5 lb bag minimum, up to a 50 lb bag).


We have medicated Pig Starter Pellets for baby pigs in 100 lb bags. For older pigs, we have Pork Maker meal and Pork Maker pellets. The Pork Maker pellets are bagged in 50 lb and 100 lb bags.


We can work with you to create a customized feed ration that meets your needs. You can choose to supply some of the ingredients or you can choose to use ours. We have a minimum of 1 ton lots per order. Please call for further information.


We carry Sportmix brand dogfood. We have many different types of dogfood, each with its own level of protein and fat to provide the best nutritional fit for your dog. We also carry Sportmix Catfood in 16.5 lb bags.

We carry medium and XL dog biscuits in resealable pouches.

We are proud to carry grain-free dogfood. We have Wholesomes 40 lb Lamb and Rice dogfood. We also carry 28 lb Grain-free Earthborne Dogfood : Coastal Catch, Meadow Feast, Primitive Natural, and Great Plains.

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